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Call for Papers


1.       Submit an application (on-line), that is, register (see Registration Form) 

IMPORTANT: ONE Conference Paper =  ONE registration !

2.       Upload files with the text of the paper (in STRICT matching to Paper Template), as well as files with other necessary documents (see List of Required Documents)

3.       Wait for results of the Peer Review. The results will be sent to the email address of the person specified during registration as a contact person on behalf of the other authors.

4.       In case of the reviewers' positive feedback on the final version of the paper, (see Peer Review), pay the registration fee (see Call for Papers  and Fees).

5.       Personally present your paper at the conference (mandatoryrequirement for submission the papers to be included in IEEE Xplore as well as other Abstracting and Indexing (A&I) databases (see Call for papers).


Paper Template

Any Conference Paper can be submitted ONLY IN ONE OF THE OPTIONS:

  • either in English (upload on the English version of the Inforino website) – for further submission to IEEE Xplore),
  • or in Russian (uploaded on the Russian version of Inforino the website) – for further indexing in Russian Science Citation Index


NOTE!!!  Russian-language paper should not be a translated version of English-language paper and vice versa.

English-language Paper Template

WORD - conference-template-a4.docx 

PDF  - conference-template-a4.pdf 

IMPORTANT! Please, DO NOT DELETE the footer on the 1-st page of the template:  it contains the specific Copyright number assigned to our conference by IEEE.

Please use only CURRENT TEMPLATES.

Papers using templates from previous conferences


Russian-language Paper Template - see

List of Required Documents

After registering the application, the person, indicated during registration as the contact person, uploads:

1.         The files with the text of the paper, made in strict compliance to the template (see Paper Template)  in the following formats:

  • PDF - listing all authors and information about them
  • WORD - without indicating all authors and information about them (for transmission to reviewers)


The volume of the paper is 4-6 full pages of text, including:

  • title
  • Information about the authors
  • abstract (200-300 words)
  • keywords
  • the main text of the paper, including tables, figures, conclusions, acknowledgments

list of references
Additional pages can be submitted for extra 20 USD per page.

2.         Additional documents

For international participants:

  • scan copy of the first page of the passport
  • completed questionnaire for visa application (if necessary) – see Application FORM 


For participants from Russia

Expert Verification (EV) (see https://inforino.mpei.ru/rus/submission/Pages/default.aspx)* – should be uploaded simultaneously with the Paper file

Peer Review

Inforino Organizers perform a double blind peer review.

The main criteria for assessment are:

  1. Compliance of the subject of the paper with the theme of the conference
  2. Matching to the Template
  3. The novelty of the material presented
  4. Paper structure
  5. The quality of the language of presentation
  6. Relevance of the research methods
  7. The relevance and visibility of the figures, graphs and tables
  8. Correspondence of the annotation to the research description
  9. Use and number of keywords / key phrases
  10. Discussion and conclusions
  11. References: adequacy and correctness of citation


Possible options for the reviewers' assessment are presented in the table:

After the first uploadCorrections / improvements required

Maximum number

of uploads

of corrected versions

Final result

Yes -

no changes

No   Accepted
Changes / corrections are required Yes 2 Accepted* / Rejected **
No No   Rejected

* All of the reviewer's comments are corrected: you can pay the registration fee (Call for Papers).

** The reviewer's comments are not corrected / not fully corrected

Electronic Copyright Form (ECF)

The ECF is filled on-line AFTER THE FINAL PAPER SUBMISSION following the results of the review (the contact person will receive an email with a link to fill out the ECF with step-by-step instructions for filling).

IMPORTANT:  In case the ECF is not signed, the papers cannot be submitted to IEEE for publication in the IEEE Xplore electronic library, as well as other Abstracting and Indexing (A&I) databases (see Call for Papers) even if it is personally presented at the Conference.