Fee (one fee for one paper) includes participation on every conference event, conference proceedings on USB stick and coffee breaks.

  • Students / postgraduates – 20 USD (1000 RUB -from Russia) including VAT
  • IEEE  Members – 80 USD / 4000 RUB (from Russia) including VAT
  • Non-members  of IEEE – 100 USD / 5000 RUB (from Russia) including VAT

    Payment details

    Fee transfer in Rubles (ONLY from Russia)
  • Bank requisites for fee transfer in USD

    IMPORTANT In case the participant does not present at the conference event, the registration fee is not refundable

The deadline for payment of registration fee is

October 1, 2018



Due to coming period of summer holidays, PLEASE, make your  payment not earlier than August 15, 2018.