Main event

Krasnokazarmennaja str, 14
26 Oct – 25 Dec, 2021
Full Paper Submission​

Topics and sessions​

Papers in the area of information technologies applied in engineering education process are invited with a ​particular emphasis on:

1.Industry 4.0, cybersecurity and engineering education​

2.Information intelligent technologies and software for engineering education

3.IT in engineering calculations and design of industrial and energy facilities

4.IT in educational, research and testing laboratories​

5.Distant technologies and electronic educational resources in engineering education

6.Computer graphics and 3D modeling in engineering education


Fields of interest


1.Communication, Networking and Broadcast Technologies

2.Computing and Processing

3.Engineering Profession

4.Fields, Waves and Electromagnetics

5.General Topics for Engineers

6.Power, Energy and Industry Applications

7.Signal Processing and Analysis